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1. How much does it cost to become a member of the Ball State University Alumni Association?
a. $200 one time fee
b. $100 one time fee
c. $50 yearly dues
d. Nothing

2. Who is the President of the Ball State University Alumni Association?
a. Al Rent
b. Jim Davis
c. Charlotte Shepperd
d. Julie Stroh

3. What is Cardinal Corner?
a. The street corner of University and McKinley
b. The cheering block in the University Arena between gates 5 and 6
c. The merchandising arm of the Alumni Association which provides alumni with merchandise incorporating the Ball State Logo
d. Dining facilities in Baker Hall

4. How many living Ball State Alumni are there?
a. Approximately 66,000
b. Approximately 140,000
c. Approximately 167,000
d. Approximately 184,000

5. All active members of the Alumni Association can purchase a BSU recreational facilities pass. The pass provides access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Ball Gym Fitness Room/Track, Ball Gym Pool, Cardinal Creek Tennis Complex, Field Sports Building, Lewellen Pool, Racquetball Courts and locker and shower facilities. How much does this pass cost per year for an individual?
a. $150 per year
b. $270 per year
c. $300 per year
d. $600 per year

6. What is the CARD program?
a. The Cardinal Alumni Retail Discount program.
b. Allows alumni to receive discounts on service or merchandise from local area merchants.
c. Gives alumni the opportunity to show their BSUAA photo ID card and to save money.
d. All of the above.

7. What is the Cardinal Career Network (C.C.N)?
a. Utilizes individual alumni already established in a career who are willing to assist others in their job search
b. A telephone directory of all Ball State Alumni
c. A video broadcast on Channel 49 that updates alumni on available job openings
d. A job fair that is sponsored by the Alumni Association and Career Center in the spring semester for graduating seniors

8. What is an Alumni Ambassador?
a. An alumnus who serves as a liaison for the University and the Alumni Association
b. An alumnus who helps coordinate regional events
c. An officially recognized alumnus in a specific geographic region
d. All of the above

9. What are the requirements for establishing an Alumni Chapters of the Ball State University Alumni Association?
a. Minimum of 250 BSU alumni living in the same geographical location
b. Petition of a minimum of 25 active members of the Alumni Association
c. Acceptance of the Chapter's constitution by the Alumni Council
d. All of the above

10. What services does the Alumni Association provide Greek Alumni groups?
a. Help organize and plan Greek alumni reunions
b. Coordinate the processing and distribution of Greek alumni newsletters
c. Maintain an accurate Greek alumni database
d. All of the above

11. How can one obtain a Ball State University Alumni Association License Plate?
a. Visit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and ask for a Ball State Plate. $25 will go to the Alumni Association for scholarships and programs and $15 goes to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
b. Should be an employee of the Ball State University
c. Make at least a $100 donation to the University
d. None of the above

12. What award or scholarship is the highest honor given by the Alumni Association?
a. Robert E. Linson Scholarship
b. Ray Ashley Award
c. Distinguished Alumni Award
d. Oliver C. Bumb Award

13. What is the telephone number to the Alumni Association?
a. 1-765-285-1080
b. 1-888-I-GO-4-BSU
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

14. What is the Alumni Locator Service?
a. A service which alumni can use to locate lost friends
b. A service agency that the Alumni Association uses to track down lost alumni
c. A service to find interested alumni to participate in alumni activities
d. None of the above

15. What department falls under the area of University Advancement?
a. Alumni Association
b. University Development
c. Advancement Services
d. All of the above

16. What is the main focus of University Development?
a. Raising money for the University
b. Constructing and designing new buildings on campus
c. Providing educational sessions to students and alumni on personal development
d. Recruiting students to attend Ball State

17. What is the purpose of the Ball State University Foundation?
a. To build buildings for Ball State University
b. To be the policy maker for Ball State University
c. To receive, invest, and disperse financial gifts to BSU in a co-operative and supportive partnership
d. To maintain and preserve BSU artifacts

18. The Alumni Center houses which group?
a. The Alumni Association
b. University Development
c. The Foundation
d. Advancement Services
e. All of the above

19. How much does it cost to obtain a copy of your Grade Transcripts?
a. Free
b. $2 per copy
c. $5 per copy
d. $12 per copy

20. Which benefit/service does the Alumni Association offer to its alumni?
a. Affinity Credit Card
b. BSU License Plates
c. Ball State Alumnus Magazine
d. Auto and Home Insurance
e. All of the above

21. Homecoming, an event that takes place each fall, is sponsored by:
a. UPB - University Program Board
b. President's Office
c. SGA - Student Government Association
d. Alumni Association and Homecoming Steering Committee

22. Which type of program does the Alumni Association NOT perform?
a. Plan and host alumni events
b. Raise funds for the University
c. Award student scholarships
d. Host continuing education weekends

23. After graduation, if you move out-of-state, these people can help you find out more about the new city where you will live and help you get involved in Ball State activities outside the state of Indiana?
a. Alumni Ambassadors
b. Alumni Liaisons
c. Cardinal Welcome Wagon
d. Chamber of Commerce

24. The President of Ball State University is:
a. John Worthen
b. Blaine Brownell
c. Jo Ann Gora
d. Tony Edmonds

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